La Fiera Festival's Sustainability Strategy

As a celebration of Myrtleford’s Italian culture, the town has hosted the La Fiera Italian festival for many years. The festival is an opportunity for the community to immerse themselves in the Italian culture, by having ‘fun the Italian way’. 

However, the waste destined for landfill has been a concern for the festival for a long time and has brought about La Fiera’s Sustainability Strategy.

2021 saw La Fiera implement the composting program to reduce landfill waste. 

All participating stalls are now required to follow strict guidelines in order to attend, which in summary includes the use of home compostable products, no plastic, no sale of bottled water etc

We have currently reduced La Fiera landfill waste by 70% in the 2021 event and aiming to increase that in coming years.

It is the collaboration with Myrtleford and District Landcare and Sustainability Group & the Myrtleford Community Garden, which has made the program a success.   

What happens to the waste you ask?  It simply heads to the Myrtleford Community Garden where it becomes compost and used in the garden to grow vegetables for our community.  

La Fiera Italian Festival

For La Fiera, rubbish is no longer a dirty word →

Sustainability at the La Fiera Italian Festival Myrtleford

Composting process starts →

Sustainability at the La Fiera Italian Festival Myrtleford

Compost almost ready →

Homegrown produce at the La Fiera Italian Festival Myrtleford

Community Garden →